How Cascadian measures up at Blackberry Bog Farm

Cascadian is a growing boy.  We'll check back in next year! @blackberrybogfarm

The weather was glorious on the very first day of October this year, so we packed the boys into the Saab and went on a little adventure. Among our stops was Blackberry Bog Farm (40271 Old Highway 30).

The farm was all set up for Fall/Halloween with plenty of pumpkins, a maze and free popcorn for the little kids, and fresh produce and baked treats.

Cascadian isn’t very tall this year, but I sense a growth spurt – we’re going to check-in again next year . . .

We saw no eagles at the Twilight Eagle Sanctuary

Attempted eagle spotting at the sanctuary

For years we zoomed past the signs on Highway 30 for the Twilight Eagle Sanctuary, saying we should check that out some day.

Well we got around to it, finally, on a beautiful sunny day at the beginning of October.

Alas, we saw no eagles on the trip. But don’t fret, we see plenty of bald eagle action (which consists mostly of harassment by crows) from our house’s sun room.